Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Note about our Charleston store…. The store has been on the market for a year to the day. During this time we went between worry about new owners, 10 year leases, increased rent to “it will all work out”. Well, one day Rita and I decided that maybe it was time to “get out of the pool”. Our precious college student was graduating after 4 years with us, the dear family upstairs was moving into their own home, Diane the owner would be almost 80 if signing a 10 year lease(yikes) and Rita, the manager wanted to spend more time with her grands in Florida and husband in Alabama. The shop had accomplished its original goal of letting tourists and locals know about the larger shop in Summerville. So, it was indeed time. All the Charleston gals have been offered jobs in Summerville but most say they want a bit of time off.(We hope they change their minds.) So… at the end of April we will lock the door, leave thank you notes in the windows and move things back up the road. We have had a great 13 full years…the best of times.  

We will be starting our 23rd year in Summerville with Celebration specials towards the end of May! Come eat cake and share the memories of all the years!

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